Month: February 2020

Being able to pay a loan as a trainee is rather rare

Apprenticeship years are not men’s years, that has been recognized by past generations, and most trainees also have little financial leeway. A loan would be the ideal opportunity for many young people to increase their lean trainee salary somewhat, but the difficulties usually start with the repayment. The salary of a trainee is often not […]

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Alternatives when it is difficult to get a loan from a bank

Get a Swiss loan if bank does not grant a loan If you need money for an urgently needed purchase, but the savings book does not give the amount, then the way usually goes to the house bank to ask for a loan. But the bank is not always well disposed towards the customer when […]

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If you have a debt rescheduling, take out a loan on better terms

What is debt rescheduling? A debt rescheduling of existing loan obligations can be profitable if it involves a lower financial burden on the borrower. Debt rescheduling means taking on a new debt with which an existing debt is to be settled. As a rule, either several liabilities are combined into a single one, or an […]

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